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It has been discussed on different drum forums that the Supersensitive strainer is not a good strainer. Also that it is hard to work with and breaks.

I will say that this strainer has a lot more parts that can fail compared to most strainers. In fact, the drum was named accordingly! "Sensitive" not that it can't handle all playing styles, but it does require more work to get it to where it works best for you. It was really considered a concert snare drum and was not sold with drum sets like the Supraphonic was.

It was designed to allow the wires to cover the full area of the drum head and extend past the edges of the shell and let the wires raise and lower evenly and keep the wires tension consistant. There were a lot of drums that were designed this way, but Ludwig added the 4-1 concept that let you have 4 different types of snare wires on "1" drum. (photo below) which could easily be changed out without snare string.

Here is a flyer showing the 4 different types of wires for the 4-1 SuperSensitive Snare Drum


If you are looking for replacement wires for your Super Sensitive you should search Ebay for the Puresound version. Here is a what they would look like on your drum. Puresound PS 1416 on Ebay.

Here is a photo of the Puresound Item # PS-1416.


In regards to value the Super never seams to sell as well as the Supraphonic. Mainly because not everyone wants to deal with the strainer. A basic pricing structure is similar to the Supraphonic in that the brass versions will always sell for more the then Ludalloy version. This is always based on condition. So let's say all things being equal. (Mint original drums and drums that are in original boxes always sell for more. Mint means no scratches, pits, dents or problems at all - flawless!)

1. Early Brass Version Standard Depth $600 +
   A. 6 1/2" deep versions sell for more

2. Ludalloy version with the Ludwig keystone badge $200 +
   A. 6 1/2" deep versions sell for more

3. Ludalloy shell with a Blue and Olive badge (B/O) $165 +
   A. 6 1/2" deep versions sell for more

There are always variations and situations on eBay that inflate values or drive prices up based on feverish bidding. That is another story!

For reference if you see the Anti-Galvanic stamp that is telling you it is the Ludwig Ludalloy shell.

Reliable Anti-Galvanic Stamp



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